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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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‘Onipa‘a event Friday at UH Maui


2 comments to ‘Onipa‘a event Friday at UH Maui

  • I’m going to attend it.

  • It was a joy to be part of the intrepid group of people who met at Maui College on January 17 to take Queen Liliuokalani’s work forward. Onipa‘a, her motto, was the ever-present guiding light. The Og’s (the Originals, like Teri Kekoolani and Walter Ritte having given their lives from the 1970ʻs to resisting American enculturation were there.) The haumana, the students of the Hawaiian Studies Department, took a seed thought and succeeded in organizing it into a full event so that ordinary people like myself could take part in it.

    It’s impossible to acknowledge all the speakers and professors who gave major emphasis to the afternoon, chief of which were attorney Dexter Keeamoku Kaiana, and Kaleikoa Kaeo. Women of learning and activism were prominent, making sure to nurture disciplines that will benefit the Hawaiian Kingdom’s progressive stance when the Kingdom is restored and its government is in place.

    By listening attentively I gained confirmation of old facts regarding Hawaiiʻs place in the Family of Nations and realized new perspectives that refined them.

    I think we very much need occasions like this by which people of any ethnic background or citizenship who understand the legal and political history of Hawaii can renew their commitment to authenticity.

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