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Akaka appeals for recognition bill to be passed in Inouye’s honor

Star-Advertiser reports

The retiring U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka took to the Senate floor today and urged his colleagues to approve a Native Hawaiian federal recognition bill in honor of the late U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye.


Akaka made the request as Inouye’s body was lying in state in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol.

4 comments to Akaka appeals for recognition bill to be passed in Inouye’s honor

  • Win808

    No Can! That is full of HEWA!
    Using the dead to promote their HEWA, even more shameful! Dumb A!!

    Indians, Huh!!

  • Ken Ng

    Das da way! Use anything to turn Hawai’i into the next reservation. Aue. No shame. No honor. No ending the ass-kissing of the slaves to American money.

  • kealii8

    Seeing any hawaiian beg is just not right

  • Kuuleimomi

    Ditto to Win808, full of hewa, and changing our status to Hawaiian Native Tribe is license (validation authority)to “ship Hawaiian Native Tribe” (radicals, especially) to reservations with other established Native Tribes in Alaska and America and/or prison and keep them there. If that is accomplished, who will be left occupying our islands? Do you think for one moment Alaska natives and Native Americans would be coming here to set-up residency? Where are they going to reside, on Hawaiian Home Lands? Sounds like a viable plan? You bet, but it’s sure not ours. Occupancy for eight islands is adequate for the rich and famous, it’s obvious. Are we considered the rich and famous? Setting up for, yet, another kind of civil “war”, but still, war. No matter our differences of opinion, we cannot allow “war” to be the decision maker, ever. Participation is not compliance. E aloha mana pono!

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