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Streamlined Native Hawaiian recognition passes committee

From Hawaii News Now

WASHINGTON D.C. (HawaiiNewsNow) – A streamlined bill to grant native Hawaiians federal recognition has passed the Senate committee on Indian affairs. Sen. Daniel Akaka, who chairs the commission, cut his namesake bill from 60 to 15 pages and reduced the amount of terminology to simplify the proposed law.

The Akaka bill now incorporates a new Hawaii state law that created a roll commission that determines who qualifies as a native Hawaiian.

Sen. Akaka is hoping opponents may reconsider a leaner bill.

Sen. John McCain voted against passing the bill out of committee.

It now goes to the Senate floor. The bill has reached this point before but has never received an up or down vote.

8 comments to Streamlined Native Hawaiian recognition passes committee

  • Ken Ng

    Freedom: up or down? Independence: up or down? Occupation: up or down? Hawaiian: tribe or national? Ae, guess we love being shackled. Au’e.

  • 4myohana

    POHO… once you know the truth that Hawaii is a sovereign neutral nation being occupy by a foreign country… there is no treaty of cession or transfer of national lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom to the U S… why would you want to be a american Indian hawaiian???

  • Kaehunuiokaihe

    This whole bill and move stinks to high heaven. Hawaiians were free nationals and now the US wants to filter who’s Hawaiian and make free persons servants…didn’t an American Indian tribe (who were and are tribes and not the same as the Kingdom of Hawaii, by the way) get their “recognition” yanked because the US didn’t like something they did???? Anyway, it’s another blanket with smallpox!!

  • Win808

    Aloha no ka kou,

    We must remain steadfast as po’e aloha aina against the hewa of our oppressors!
    We stand strong with all the kupuna who placed their name against the illegal annexation of
    Hawai’i nei to the U.S. back in 1897. (They did an awesome job)
    We stand strong like those po’e aloha aina in the royal Hawaiian band who refused to play
    for the treasonus Sanford B. Dole and who chose to eat rocks than get paid!
    We struggled with all the wanna-be Kings, Queens and leaders we thought could help us to a better future for our country.
    We struggle in a State of Hawaii judicial system that denies us protection under our rightful juridiction as citizens of our country.
    We put up with the taunting from all the num-nuts out there distorting our history.
    We put up with the BS that the State of Hawaii gave Kakaako to OHA, land that they had no
    right to in the first place! Ceeded lands? What cession? Where is the treaty?
    The US created OHA that has benefited a selected few and now rather than facing up to the truth that the Kingdom of Hawaii is an independent nation it attempts to pass laws to recognize native Hawaiians, but we all know that they have their fingers crossed meaning to say Native Hawaiians, the ones who were colonized by brain washing!
    If OHA was of any real benefit to all it would take steps to provide the correct information to educate anyone and everyone in Hawaii about the real Hawaiian history.

    At the end of the day, the US is without a TREATY of cession with the Kingdom of Hawaii!
    Why would the US even entertain the apology bill if they actually had a tretay. BTW that
    1993 apology was also in a joint resolution; an internal US policy.

    The August 10, 2012 Protest and Demand filed at the U.N. by Dr. Keanu Sai will hopefully
    address this concern as well as others and hopefully get the US gorilla off our backs!

    If anything, at least we are standing in the gap as those who did what they could back in 1897!

    Remain hungry for information and education to better advance our country!!

    Keep the faith!!!

    A hui hou

  • Win808

    Is Sen. McCain an opponent because he knows the truth about the Hawaiian Islands or
    because he doesn’t want to change the current status?
    If he doesn’t speak up in support of the kingdom, he already knows the truth and refuses to change the current status!

    60 pages to 15 pages, still missing the most important page the TREATY!

    The only necessary recognition is the Protest and Demand filed at the U.N. August 10, 2012,

  • Ken Ng

    Check out Kauaieclectic blogsite for perspective on Akakabill. Good read/comments. We want a FreeHawai’i and we want it now!

  • Aloha kakou,
    In the following table I have listed the main deterrents to the legitimacy of the Akaka bill. Please scroll down to the end of this post for the complete picture as I see it. In my book “Wahine Noa: for the life of my country,” I have published an article that exposes the hewa. See pp. 74-79. ” Which Way, Hawaii? We are who we were. We are the Hawaiian Nation or Native American?” I wish I could present the case for the national integrity of Hawaii by being invited to be a panelist somewhere, using this table as the framework.

    Let’s Do the Math

    an independent established Nation a nation within a nation

    Foundational Claims
    Hawaiian Kingdom Political Native American-Hawaiian
    Status Political Status
    Nation-state Indigenous Group
    Sovereign, independent Incorporation as a subordinate
    Historically occupied Historically illegally “annexed”
    Standards of International law Standards of US
    & HK domestic law domestic law
    Equal to equal parties Sub-contractor to a plenary power

    Characteristics of Political Population
    Citizens of Hawaiian Kingdom Citizens of the United States
    Hawaiian nationals Native Americans
    Nationality (inclusive) Ethnicity/Nationality (exclusive)
    Underlying Attribute
    Actualized self-governance Regulated self-governance
    Hawai‘i steps forth Native Hawaiians become
    a world figure the New American figment

  • Kekoa

    I have not been on this site for awhile but I am pleased to see the dialouge. Everyone seems aware of their Nationality and can differentiate between Nationals of a Nation state or members of an indigenious tribe. Next I’ll probably be hearing the difference between a treaty and a joint resolution. It’s great to see everything moving forward. The Protest and Demand is just the beginning of this journey into the International arena. Be steadfast and stay the course my fellow countrymen. Aloha

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