This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Maunawili Declaration

From Prof. Williamson Chang’s Facebook page

The Maunawili Declaration No. 1

Williamson Chang and the International Committee

The Maunawili I Declaration: The United States has permanently Occupied the dominion of the Kingdom of Hawaii in violation of International and United States Law

We, the undersigned declare the following:

“The Kingdom of Hawaii,” is the name […]

Native Hawaiian convention adopts constitution

From the Star-Advertiser

Native Hawaiian convention adopts constitution By Timothy Hurley February 26, 2016

The Native Hawaiian constitutional convention this afternoon adopted a governing document that will go out to a vote for ratification.

The constitution, approved by an 88 to 30 vote with one abstention, apparently allows room for federal recognition by […]

Country of Hawaii dominates Eddie leaderboard

From Honolulu Civil Beat

Surfers from the country of Hawaii dominated the leaderboard Thursday in The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau.

The big-wave surf invitational drew thousands of spectators to Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore.

For casual observers, many of whom were watching a surf contest for the first time, some eyebrows were […]

The Other Aha: Aha Aloha Aina 2016 for “real” independence.

Chad Blair reports in Honolulu Civil Beat:

The Other Aha: Hawaiian Independence Backers Make Their Case

Aha Aloha Aina 2016 rejects the Nai Aupuni process for self-governance and insists on pushing for “real” independence.

Walter Ritte beamed as he flashed a shaka to the kupuna in the front row of Hale A‘o Hawaiian […]

Draft Declaration of Permanent Occupation

Prof. Williamson Chang posted the following on his Facebook page:

Independence caucus at the Aha

The Caucus appointed me to draft two resolutions. The first declaration is still in draft and not for the public. I have decided that the second declaration should be sent to all outside the ‘Aha in light of the protests […]

Hawaiian Consciencism discussion

Na’i ‘Aupuni Convention moves toward independence

Free Hawaii TV reports that 60% of remaining delegates are pro-independence, and the constitution being drafted supports independence.

Ua Mau Ke Ea – Sovereignty Endures

Aloha Aina & The Independent Path presentation

‘Aha Aloha ‘Aina Big Island